Welfare Committee

We aim to equip graduate students with tools to support their mental wellbeing by organising a wide range of events; from practical sessions on mindfulness and art therapy, to mental health awareness discussions. So that you can be mindful and proactive in supporting your wellbeing and looking out for your peers.

Remember to take care of your mental wellbeing, attend events and reach out for support if needed. If you are looking for mental health support, the range of resources available to graduate students includes:

Counselling Services at NTU: NTU Office of Student Wellbeing or NIE Wellness Centre

NTU Psychological Crisis Line (after office hours): 6338 3383

Hotlines in Singapore: Samaritans – 1800 221 444, National care hotline – 1800 202 6868, Institute of Mental Health hotline – 6389 2222

Messaging services: Mental ACT 24/7 care Whatsapp

Other services: CHAT mental health check or Singapore Association for Mental Health   or  NTU Anti-Harassment Procedure

To contact the NTUGSA Welfare Committee please email: ntugsa-welfare@e.ntu.edu.sg

We welcome enquiries including those regarding: If you want to know more about the welfare services or events at NTU or Singapore, if you would like to join or volunteer for the NTUGSA Welfare Committee or problems, suggestions, or feedback on any issues pertaining to student welfare and mental wellbeing.

Mail us: ntugsa-welfare@e.ntu.edu.sg

Contact us in case of any other problems, suggestions and contributions for improving the wellbeing of the postgraduate community in NTU.

The feedback and cases may be reported via mailing Welfare committee or President of NTUGSA.

Director: Leng Ruoxuan

Ruoxuan (Roxanne) is a 2nd-year PhD student at the School of Electric and Electronic Engineering (EEE). Her research topic is optimal power system planning with renewable energy penetrations. Ruoxuan has worked as a welfare subcommittee member in 2021/2022 and organized various popular events, like mind matters and art workshops. She has been working closely with several organizations in and out of NTU. Her current work centralized on looking after the general welfare of graduate students within the University by conducting mental health survey and organizing various events. As the Welfare Director, she hopes to have more contributions to students’ mental health and wellbeing by collaborating with the relevant NTU management. She listens to the needs and concerns of students carefully and relays the feedback to the university to improve the welfare services and students’ wellbeing. Her subcommittee will always be there for any student who needs mental support. She can be reached at ntugsa-welfare[at]e.ntu.edu.sg.