Fun Places in NTU

If you are bored of doing your research or your coursework, don’t worry you don’t have to go far. There are plenty of places in NTU itself, where you can relax and recharge yourselves. Here are a few recommendations for you.

Chinese Heritage Centre (CHC)

The Chinese Heritage Centre

Founded in 1995, the Chinese Heritage Centre (CHC) aims to advance knowledge and understanding of the ethnic Chinese communities in different parts of the world. Visitors will find it pleasant to simply admire the unique architecture of this building built in the 1950s.

Nanyang Lake

Nanyang Lake

Affectionately known as Nantah Lake then, it was renamed Nanyang Lake during NTI (Nanyang Technological Institute) days… the Lake remains a popular meeting for courting couples, student gatherings and fishing activities by the NTU Anglers’ Club.*

* It is temporarily closed for renovation together with Yunnan Garden

Yunnan Corner- Graduate Student Activity Centre

Yunnan Corner – A place for YOU! A place for US!

Last but not the least is Yunnan Corner (opposite Canteen 1). This is a Graduate Students’ Activity Centre which was opened in November 2017 to cater for recreational needs of the NTU community. With various ranges of board games and video games to choose from, you are assured to have a great time with friends. Enjoy your time playing table tennis, foosball or air hockey, all for free! If you are keen on gardening and plants, check out the area outside Yunnan Corner and enjoy the variety of plants grown by graduate students, members of Gardening Club.

 The Graduate Student Activity Centre is equipped with wall mirrors, perfect for dance and training sessions. There are regular dance sessions, yoga and mass exercise sessions taking place in Yunnan Corner especially for Graduate Students. There is a workshop room and a meeting room to conduct workshops or meetings Don’t miss BBQ pits if you plan to have an amazing BBQ party –  it can be booked for individual as well as club events. Watch out: we have a new music room for graduate students to play their favourite instruments (bring your own).Yunnan Corner is a popular destination among graduate students for office getaway and chill out.

To find out more about Yunnan Corner, please visit the following link: .If you have any question regarding Yunnan Corner or its activities, please contact