Our Collaborations

NTU GSA works in collaboration with several other student societies/committees to organize multiple festive and cultural events to celebrate the multi-cultural platform of the NTU student mass. Take a glance at the events which form a unique and indispensable part of the diverse student life in NTU.


The occasion symbolizes the first food intake for Muslims who observe daytime fasting (abstaining from food and drink) during Ramadhan, the blessed month the Islamic calendar, not different from the common morning mealtime we know as breakfast. Students and staff from various communities gathered and shared food with each other to attain a sense of social camaraderie and involvement.

Iftar is jointly organized by the NTU Muslim Society and the NTU Graduate Students’ Association, with support from the Student Affairs Office, in the holy month of Ramadhan, each year.

Festival of Lights

Deepavali or Diwali, one of the major cultural festivals in Singapore and celebrated by many around the world, represents the triumph of good over evil as well as light over darkness. It’s when thousands of Hindu families transform their homes into beacons of light, exchange gifts, share feasts among families and friends. The event witnesses several booths resonating the various notes of the auspicious festival and hosts an evening concert filled with music, dance and drama by the students of NTU.

NTU Tamil Literary Society, NTU Sikh Cultural Society and Graduate Students’ Association, with the support of Student Affairs Office, join hands to organize Festival of Lights, in the festive season of Deepavali, each year. 


The event enhances the students’ university experience and promote students to be more culturally aware and facilitate integration. The three key activities of the event are:

  • Cultural booths and activities that have integrative and engaging aspects
  • Traditional food giveaway
  • Cultural performances along with fashion exhibition

At Confluence, the students and staff come together and engage with one another through games and activities in the booths, allowing for integration. Confluence highlights musical, dance talents and fashion show via cultural fiesta to promote the abundance of different cultural background which reflects the multicultural nature of the student mass in the university.

Confluence is jointly organized by NTU Students’ Union – Student Integration Committee and NTU Graduate Students’ Association, with support from the Student Affairs Office, in March of every year.

The video is prepared by NTUSU Student Integration Committee.