NTU GSA Council


Shikhar completed his bachelor’s and master’s degree from Indian Institute of Science (IISc) in the cosmopolitan city of Bangalore, India.  After that, he moved to Singapore to start his PhD journey in the School of Biological Sciences, NTU. During his undergraduate studies, he was actively involved in organizing events be it cultural or career related. He continued to do so by becoming a part of Biology Graduate Students’ Club (BGSC) in his PhD studies. He took the role of secretary for BGSC 2018-2019 and the role of treasurer for BGSC 2019-2020. He will be serving as the president of the graduate students’ club for the year 2020-2021. In his free time, he likes to play tennis, listen to music or go for a run. He can be reached at BGSC-president[at]e.ntu.edu.sg


There is nothing more wondering and thrilling for Vethathirri other than the process that he undergoes for any kind of activity. He loves to step into every second with lots of awareness to enjoy the mystery of life. He finished his Bachelor’s in Civil Engineering and Master’s in Environmental Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology Madras, India. He is currently working in the field of resource recovery from food processing wastewater at Singapore Centre for Environmental Life Sciences Engineering, NTU. As the president of CEE GSC, it is very interesting and exciting for him to plan and organize different events for graduate and undergraduate students. He is also the current President of Nanyang Scholars Toastmaster Club (NSTMC), NTU. Though he started his journey as a Toastmaster only from September 2019, the experiences that NSTMC showered over him are limitless. Personally, he feels that the journey of a PhD student is very multi-dimensional. It not only involves research, but also carries lots of hidden golden doors for self-discovery.  Vethathirri can be reached at vethathi001[at]e.ntu.edu.sg


Ahmed Hussein is a Ph.D. student  at the School of EEE. He is currently working on Power Electronics research at the Water and Energy Research Lab at NTU. He joined EEE GSC Logistics committee in 2018 and worked as a subcommittee member. He took the EEE GSC Logistics director role for AY 2019/2020. Ahmed was also serving in clubs like GSA and NTU WOW (TEDxNTU) during the same year. Ahmed was elected as President of EEE GSC for AY 2020/2021 after a recommendation from the outgoing president. This year, Ahmed and his team are working towards  increasing the students engagement with the club activities. They aim to achieve this by providing valuable resources, diversify their activities, and improve communication over the club’s media channels. For additional information on EEE GSC activities feel free to reach out at: EEEGSC-President[at]e.ntu.edu.sg


Nupur is pursuing her PhD journey at Interdisciplinary Graduate School in NTU. She is currently a 3rd year PhD student at NEWRI. Her research focuses on the synthesis of stimuli-responsive materials for environmental applications, specifically in water treatment. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from National Institute of Technology Bhopal, India and a M.Sc. in Erasmus Mundus Master in Membrane Engineering (EM3E) from the University of Twente, Netherlands. She has been actively involved in student activities before as event executive AY 2018/2019 and as vice president of IGS-SC AY 2019/2020. As president of IGS-SC, she strives to foster and promote interactions among graduate students through their active participation in various social, recreational, and sporting events. For any suggestions and feedback on student club related activities she can always be contacted at I170008[at]e.ntu.edu.sg.


Rohit currently is a PhD student in the School of Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering (MAE), supervised by Prof. Hortense. His research is basically focussed on taking inspiration from the nature termed biomimicking for superior multi-functional properties. He has procured his Master’s from Indian Institute of Technology (ISM) Dhanbad, Jharkhand in 2k18. Apart from the academic essentials, he has already been a part of TEDxNTU and takes immense pleasure in extra-curricular activities such as dancing (Part of GSA Bollywood group), cricket etc. He believes in keeping fit and healthy, as a fit mind is an initiation of a success story. He has won Mr. Jharkhand 2k17 (Beauty pageant) and Mr. Jharkhand 2k18 (Body-building), both being competitions at the state level. He was also a sem-finalist of the National beauty pageant competition of the Country (India) named Peter England’s Mr. India 2k17. His favourite time pass activities other than mentioned above include social networking, watching movies, going through journals. He aspires to be a Prof. in future keeping his immense quench for fitness and passion for fashion intact. 


Ernest completed his bachelor’s degree in Materials Science and Engineering in NTU and currently continuing his postgraduate studies in MSE as a 2nd year PhD student. His research encompasses advanced materials for electrodes and binders for Lithium Ion Batteries and battery recycling. He is passionate for the environment and nature. He has various hobbies such as studying WW ll and military history, stamp collection and watching anime. With the new role as the President, he hopes to organise activities to foster life-long friendships among graduate students and inspire students to make their graduate life meaningful. He will be leading his team to serve the school, to develop a more vibrant student life and to improve the well-being of the graduate students. Ernest can be reached at ERNE0008[at]e.ntu.edu.sg


Mahasweta or Sweta, as her friends like to call her, is a fourth year PhD student at the School of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering (SCBE), NTU. Her work presently focuses on the interdisciplinary domain of Powder Technology, Polymer Chemistry and Drug Delivery. Prior to NTU, she completed her Masters in Environmental Biotechnology from Jadavpur University, India, specializing in Environmental Toxicity. She is the current president of the SCBE Graduate Student Club and has previously served as the club’s Treasurer and Director of Social and Orientation. Sweta has also been a part of TEDxNTU for the last three years and is now one of the Lead Curators. Her inspiration to join student clubs stems from her belief that active communication and engagement are the keys to breaking down invisible barriers and forging strong relationships with friends and communities alike. She loves to read, travel and sleep with equal measure, but she is at her most passionate when cooking and studying the Periodic Table. Mahsaweta can be reached at Paul0033[at]e.ntu.edu.sg



Abeegithan is a 3rd year PhD student at School of Computer Science and Engineering (SCSE). In his research, he primarily focuses on developing machine learning algorithms for spiking neural networks. He is also an alumni of NTU EEE. During his term of leadership in SCSE- GSC, Abeegithan will primarily focus on promoting welfare of SCSE postgraduate students and provide a better platform for students to voice their opinions.  Abeegithan can be reached at SCSE-GSC-President[at]e.ntu.edu.sg 


Carmen Eva Marseille is a PhD student Linguistics and Multilingual Studies at the School of Humanities. Her research is about the grammar of Tai Leng, a language spoken in Northern Myanmar. Before coming to NTU, she completed her master at Leiden University in the Netherlands. Together with the SOH-GSC team, she organizes events that allow SOH students to share their ideas, socialize and develop skills. Beyond SOH-GSC, she also dances hiphop with the GSA dance crew and plays tennis.  Carmen can be reached at carmenev001[at]e.ntu.edu.sg


Arpit is the president of SPMS GSC. He hails from India and has been residing in Singapore for two years. He is a pen-paper theorist, working on modern aspects of Condensed Matter Physics, with particular interest in two-dimensional topological insulators. Being a sports enthusiast, he has worked as a Project Manager for sports events with SPMS GSC, the previous term.

Further, as a President of the SPMS GSC 12th Management Committee, he keeps a vision to work towards the rejuvenation and mental well-being of the graduate students. Especially, in the present pandemic scenario where everyone is locked down to a digital world, SPMS GSC as an organization looks forward to bring the graduate students together on gaming and learning platforms. Arpit can be reached at ARPIT002[at]e.ntu.edu


Hicret got her bachelor’s degree on Biological Sciences and Bioengineering at International University of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Then she did her masters on Cognitive Neuroscience at University of Trento, Italy, where she also worked as a research assistant for a year after completing her masters.

She started her PhD, Psychology at January 2019 intake at NTU under Prof. Ryo Kitada’s touch lab. She is working on a project that involves conducting TMS and fMRI on multisensory processing in the lateral occipito-temporal cortex.

She became the subject representative for psychology in the 3rd SSSGSC Management Committee. This gave her a chance to be part of the club and observe how club is managed. Her time at the club enabled her to develop friendships with her peers and be familiarized with the administrative producers. Which is way she applied and got elected as a president of SSSGSC because wanted to serve SSS postgraduate students and be a bridge between them and the administration. Hicret can be reached at: atil0001[at]e.ntu.edu.sg


Soon Keong is a third-year PhD candidate in Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine, Nanyang Technological University. His research focuses on studying the antimicrobial resistance of Acinetobacter spp. in the host and environment. Being part of the Human and Microbial Genetics Laboratory located in the Clinical Sciences Building at LKCMedicine Novena Campus, he has also been involved in point-of-care diagnostics studies and overseas field trips to Davao, Philippines. Beyond science, he is deeply passionate about technology education as well as cross-disciplinary learning and is the Co-Founder of Nullspace Centre for Robotics Learning. He contributes back to his Alma Mater by serving as Chairman of Anglican High School Alumni Association. In his free time, he enjoys photography, travelling and having a good cup of tea. As the President of LKCMedicine Graduate Student Club, he hopes to tap upon his experiences to lead the club onto greater heights.

LKCMedicine-GSC can be reached at LKCGraduateClub[at]e.ntu.edu.sg.


Cai Qingzhi is a first year Ph.D. candidate at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. Her research interests broadly include judgement and decision-making process for investors and auditors in accounting settings. She completed her undergraduate (Bsc) from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Prior to joining Nanyang Business School, she worked as an auditor in Ernst & Young in Hong Kong.


Fan Wenwen is a first-year MA student of Teaching Chinese as an International Language at the National Institute of Education. She has also been actively participating in the two largest staged events in Singapore, namely the National Day Parade (2017-2020) and Chingay (2019-2020).

As the NIE-GSC President, her goal is to reach out to the school’s graduate students and organize academic and recreational activities throughout the year to better support her fellow students, with the help of her team. She will actively collect student feedback, suggestions, and information regarding problems encountered by students during the learning process, so that NIE-GSC can more effectively serve as a bridge between NIE and its students.

She can be contacted at nie20.fw[at]e.ntu.edu.sg