Procedures for Mass Email Request

1. The event organiser is to submit the mass email content and publicity material(s) through the NTU system for SAO approval. Patiently wait for the approval email sent by the system.

2. Once the event organiser receives the approval email, he/she will forward the approval email and the mass email draft to NTUGSA Publicity.

3. NTUGSA Publicity will then schedule a date for mass email.


1. Approval email is STRICTLY required.

2. STRICTLY no last minute requests. Minimum 3 working days in advance.

3. If event organiser wishes to send a 2nd mass email, he/she is to seek approval from SAO. Upon obtaining approval, the event organiser will then forward the email to NTUGSA Publicity. There will be NO CHANGES to the email content for the 2nd mass email.

4. The event organiser must ensure that all information in the email and publicity material(s) is correct and accurate. SAO and GSA will not be responsible for incorrect and inaccurate content and information.

5. To avoid congestion of mass emails, causing them to become spam mails, mass emails are scheduled to be sent on every Tuesday and Thursday. SAO and GSA reserves all rights to delay or not send the mass email should the event organiser be non-compliant.

6. The event organiser is subjected to be BLACKLISTED if he/she does not comply with the procedures and regulations as stated in this document.

Approved for Implementation as of 4 July 2018

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