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Student Services

Student and Academic Services Department

The main administrative department in NTU that takes care of Student Services is the Student and Academic Services Department. It comprises of the following offices:

• Office of Academic Services

• Office of Admission and Financial Aid

• Career Attachment Office

• Office of Student Community Engagement

• Student Affairs Office

• Office of Global Education and Mobility

• Office of Academic Governance and Support

• Library

For more information on the function of each office and how it affects you, please refer to the following website:

Housing and Auxiliary Services Department

Another department which may have an impact on your student life would be the Housing and Auxiliary Services Department. This office takes care of the following aspects of your campus life:

• Graduate Housing

• Sports and Recreation

• Food and Beverage

• Retail Services

• Transportation

• Child care services

For more information on these areas, please refer to the following website:


For all your student administrative needs, payments, and general information, visit our integrated helpdesk located at North Spine, Level 1, right beside the Student Activities Centre.

Opening Hours

Monday – Thursday: 8.30 – 17.00

Friday: 8.30 – 16.30

Student Wellbeing Centre

The Student Wellbeing Centre supports and empowers students to take positive action and responsibility for their personal growth and character development by helping them to engage in learning, and develop their potentials and life skills to better cope with their issues and challenges. It is available to all students for professional counselling. A team of registered counsellors are experienced in helping students from various backgrounds and with a wide range of issues.

To speak with a professional Student Counsellor, please make an appointment at or call 67904462 during office hours. The Centre is located at University Health Service Centre, #02-01. Counselling is free of charge for students and held in strict confidence.

* For more information about on-campus and off -Campus Health services please visit: