Join the various orientation programs organised by your school-based Graduate Students’ Clubs to get more academic-related information and NTUGSA events to widen your social circle outside your academic environment.

• Explore the various libraries, centres and institutes around the campus as well the resources of the schools. There’s so much more than you think there is!

• Take some time out to feel the sun and catch some fresh air. It’s never too early or late in NTU for a casual stroll and jog around the campus. Be assured of company round the clock and, if you pay attention, you can see beautiful birds and various wildlife around.

• If you hate queuing up at food stalls and prefer a quiet and peaceful meal, avoid the rush hours around 12 noon and 6 pm. However, most food stalls on campus close by 8/8:30 pm and the choice of food items is limited after 7:30 pm.

• Shuttle buses are more frequent before 10 am and around lunch time. If you’re in a hurry, be sure to check the phone and web apps for the bus arrival times on either of the internal loops. Most locations on campus are easily accessible by both loops.

• Undergraduate clubs (more than 100 of them on campus) also welcome graduate students. Do check out their stalls and booths at the beginning of the semester.

• 7-Eleven near Canteen 2 is open 24 hours a day and the nearest 24 hour McDonalds is at Pioneer Mall.

• Go out and explore the city! Some museums are free for students and many attractions have a discount. Touring the neighbouring countries is also easy and affordable.