Welcome to Our Family!

On behalf of the NTU Graduate Students’ Association (NTUGSA), I would like to welcome you to this new exciting experience as a graduate student in NTU.

It is the most unfortunate that we are amidst the global pandemic. Though our journey is significantly disturbed, and various abnormality has become new normal, we want you to remember: we are all in this together. We will get through it together.

In NTUGSA, we aimed to connect one another through a series of activities and events to get the most out of our experience. Starting from your first step in NTU in orientation and recreational get-together to career-oriented workshops about the latest trends in the job market, from content-packed talks in science and technology to exciting sports activities where you’ll make new friends and keep yourself active, we hope to provide opportunities to enrich your experience, to meet exceptional people, to fill one of the best years in your life.

Keep an eye out on our communication channels to stay updated with our initiatives!

GSA is not only about organizing activities but also about being your voice, your representative. We strived to bridge within graduate student bodies and to link with the rest of the university. We would like to hear what you think, what you need, your ideas, and your feedback. Only together can we build a conducive society for all of us.

As always, it’s about you, it’s about us!

Warmest regards,
Tonanon Panyawut (Cher)
10th Executive Committee

Please check the following schedule of our virtual orientation.

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