Young Researchers’ Network

Let’s popularize the science!

You want to know what research your friend does in other School? You read his QE paper and don’t understand anything? Ask him to explain his area of investigation in simple words – his topic might be interesting for hundreds of students.

You are one of ten people in the world who understand the topic of your research? Engage more people – forget clumsy words, add more pictures and share your unique knowledge. Make people worship you!

You have fear of public presentations? Your supervisor is strict and demandable? Make your speech in informal relaxed environment, among your friends and enthusiasts of science and engineering.

You are stuck with your research? You need brainstorming? Tell your colleagues more, use their diverse backgrounds for help. Make your research interdisciplinary.

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Many graduate students lack having academic interaction with their peers. A great demand to interact, communicate and discuss research projects has been raised. Students are willing to obtain knowledge in different areas of life, beyond their scientific competency, whereas Schools offer mostly specific seminars, related to student’s research areas. A series of events where PhD students deliver talks sharing their knowledge has been organized since March 2016. As such, we propose to establish Young Researchers’ Network under NTUGSA to cater to graduate students and young researchers who are interested in learning, deepening knowledge, sharing ideas and networking.

Objective of Young Researchers’ Network

The objectives of meetings and society altogether are as follows:

1) PhD students affiliated to different schools will have an opportunity to present the results of their research for other PhD students. It will affect the students’ skills in presenting their works without having fear tobe criticized by their supervisor. Besides, this type of activity will promote horizontal sharing of results and ideas which can lead to the development of collaboration between schools, since lack of information about research conducted in other schools complicates scientific communication.

2) PhD students will learn to explain their research projects or other scientific topics where they possess profound knowledge in simple words, so that academically inclined people who are not aware of particular branch of science/technology would be able to understand the material. It will assist popularizing the science. 

Target audience is graduate students and young researchers from all NTU Colleges. Frequency is expected to be 8 times per year.


Alice Simionato

General Secretary – NTUGSA 9th Executive Committee