1. Food and drinks are not allowed inside Yunnan Corner (YC).
  2. All users are required to dispose of their trash after the held events.
  3. The applicant shall be liable to charges from any damages to the YC property.
  4. As YC is a shared facility, it would be considerate for the user(s) not to disturb other users around the premises area.
  5. All furniture is not to be indiscriminately used. Furniture that has been shifted must be returned to its original position after the events.
  6. Users are NOT to use any forms of adhesive tapes, blue tack or any other means of fixing publicity materials, such as posters, in the rooms or surroundings. Opportunities for publicity advertisement can be done via the projector or TV screen in YC. Please contact the Administration Director at ntugsa-admin@e.ntu.edu.sg.
  7. Staying beyond at YC common area and meeting rooms after 11 pm for any activities/meetings is strictly prohibited and will be deemed as trespassing unless special approval has been obtained from SAO. A hardcopy of the email from SAO is required to be produced for verification.
  8. If any club/society is found liable for breaking the rules and regulation, the NTUGSA would put forward the necessary actions to the club/society.
  9. The rules & regulations may be revised, amended and introduced as and when deemed necessary by NTUGSA.
  10. Yunnan Corner is available for booking by the following groups with the stated charges applied:
NTUGSA EXCO SAO-registered NTU Student Clubs/Societies Individual NTU Students/ Groups NTU Staff and Faculty Members
Performance Room No charges No charges S$20.00/hour S$40.00/hour
Quiet Room No charges No charges S$10.00/hour S$20.00/hour
Tutorial Room No charges No charges S$10.0/hour S$20.00/hour
Meeting Room No charges No charges S$10.00/hour S$20.00/hour
BBQ Pits 1, 2, 3 No charges No charges S$10.00/hour/pit S$20.00/hour/pit