• Canopy Stage, Nanyang Technological University



  • Canopy Stage, Nanyang Technological University



Event Guide

  • Event Name
    Japanese Cultural Festival 2019
  • Location
    Canopy Stage
    Nanyang Technological University
    76 Nanyang Dr, Singapore 637331
  • Date/Time
    Monday, February 18 2019
    10:00 am – 7:00 pm
  • Organised by
    NTU Japanese Appreciation Club
  • Attractions
    Stage events, merchandise, games, exhibitions

    *Event is free of charge and open to public

Floor Map

JCF 2019 Floormap
Tap on the image to download the floor map



G01 Daruma Otoshi

Tower Knocking Game

Momotaro’s (Peach Boy) village has been attacked by monsters during his absence! Join him in his journey to Oni Island to reclaim the stolen loot and save the kidnapped child from the monsters. Tell his tale through a game of Daruma Otoshi, a twist to a traditional Japanese game where boxes are stacked upon each other to form a tower, remove the bottom most box using a mallet without collasping the entire structure!

G02 Shateki


As a wandering traveller, you came across Momotaro and his companions who were on the way to Oni Island. You offered your help and travelled with them. The gates to the monsters’ stronghold is heavily guarded and Momotaro is having difficulties breaching their defenses. You hid in the adjacent forest and took aim with your rifle/bow/gun, the Abyss. Flaunt your marksmanship, silence the enemies and help Momotaro in breaching the enemies’ stronghold! Collect spoils from the enemies you take down!

G03 Hanafuda

Traditional Japanese Card Game

Hanafuda is a traditional japanese card game developed over the course of a long history of card games, influenced by both western and japanese cultures. Its cards beautifully depicts japanese styled artwork featuring the months observed in a year. The objective of Hanafuda is to win the most points among the players. Visit the Hanafuda booth to learn this traditional japanese game!


B01 Japanese Appreciation Club

Lucky Draw & Original JAC Goods

Drop by the booth to participate in the sure-win lucky draw! Make sure to check out JAC’s exclusive merchandises as well. Designed by our very own JAC members, expect adorable merchandise such as keychains, T-shirts and stickers, featuring Japan’s favourite dog, Shiba Inu! Don’t leave empty handed!

B02 NTU Sado Club

Visit the NTU Sado Club’s booth to learn more about traditional Japanese tea ceremonies, its significance to the Japanese culture and the principles that the ceremony embodies. A full demonstration will also be featured during the event itself, so head on down, don’t miss it!

B03 BooksActually

BooksActually will be featuring Japanese themed books written by local writers. Drop by to purchase your copy with us!

B04 SUTD Modern Visual Media Circle

A showcase of pop art merchandise from the SUTD Modern Visual Media Circle. Their merchandise such as keychains and posters will be available for sale. Don’t miss out!

B05 NUS Japanese Studies Society

A showcase of Japanese crafts merchandise from NUS Japanese Studies Society. Their merchandise such as paper crafts will be available for sale. Don’t miss out!

B06 Hokkaido Government Representative Office

An organization aimed at promoting Hokkaido to the ASEAN region. Their booth will be here to share information about all things Hokkaido, from food to tourism. Stand a chance to win some prizes at their lucky draw too!


A photo exhibition booth showcasing photos that the JENESYS team took on their trip to Japan, specifically Miyazaki. Learn more about the attractions and culture of this amazing prefecture!

B08 Good Job Creations

Want to learn Japanese dialect? Drop by Good Job Creations’ booth to take a quick lesson on Kansai-ben (Kansai dialect) and win some prizes!

B09 Photo Booth

Head over to our free photo booth to take a photo in a Japanese scene while donning a yukata, a traditional Japanese clothing.

Your photo will be printed for free!



Japanese Confectionaries

HATTENDO Café is well-known for their amazing Japanese cream buns both in Japan and in Singapore. Here’s your chance to try them in school!

Cream Bun (5 kinds) - $2.70
Cream Bun (5 kinds) – $2.70
Amaou Cream Bun - $3.50
Amaou Cream Bun – $3.50
Hattendo Cream Pudding - $3.90
Hattendo Cream Pudding – $3.90
Melon Bun (3 kinds) - $3.20
Melon Bun (3 kinds) – $3.20
Shizuoka Premium Cold Brew Tea - $6.00
Shizuoka Premium Cold Brew Tea – $6.00

Stage Info

10:30 am – 11:00 am

Singing performances

01:00 pm – 01:30 pm

Singing performances

01:30 pm – 02:00 pm

“I Want To Go Home” and “Rainbirds” Novels set in Japan Talk by Wesley Aroozoo and Clarissa Goenawan

03:00 pm – 03:30 pm

Singing performances

*Schedule is subject to change

JAC Original Merchandise

Black Shiba Inu T-Shirt Designed by Grace C.
Maroon Tanuki T-Shirt Designed by Grace C.
Blue Shiba Inu T-Shirt Designed by Grace C.
White Hachiko T-shirt Designed by Tracy G.

■ Price List

1 for $0.20
5 for $0.50

1 for $4.00
3 for $10.00

$12 for JAC members

Sure-win Lucky Draw Campaign

stamprallyfront_a4 final

Claim your JAPAN RAIL CAFÉ free drinks coupon* and stand to win prizes such as $30 Keisuke restaurant vouchers, t-shirts and stickers by simply participating in our stamp rally challenge!

■ How to Participate
1. Collect your free stamp rally coupon at B01 Japanese Appreciation Club booth and follow the coupon’s instructions to complete the stamp rally challenge.

2. Submit the completed coupon to B01 Japanese Appreciation Club booth.

*While stocks last

Getting to JCF

  • By Public Transport

SBS Bus 179

  1. Board bus 179 at Boon Lay Bus Interchange (Jurong Point level 1).
  2. Alight at the fourth bus stop (Lee Wee Nam Library, bus stop no. 27211) after bus turn into NTU.
  3. Walk up the stairs and turn left. Canopy Stage will be a 1-minute walk from the bus stop.

SBS Bus 199

  1. Board bus 199 at Boon Lay Bus Interchange (Jurong Point level 1).
  2. Alight at the fifth bus stop (NIE, bus stop no. 27051) after bus turn into NTU.
  3. Walk up the stairs and turn left. Walk all the way for 3-minutes till you reach Canopy Stage.

Campus Rider

  1. Board campus rider at Pioneer MRT exit B (near Blk 649A).
  2. Alight at the fourth bus stop near Tan Chin Tuan Lecture Theatre (TCT LT).
  3. From the bus stop, walk towards the sheltered passageway, turn right and walk straight in till you see K-cuts and Mr. Bean. Follow the video below for reference.

  • Driving

Park your car at the following car parks and walk to Canopy Stage at NTU North Spine Plaza.

  1. North Spine Carpark A
  2. NIE Carpark 2
  3. Multi-storey Carpark Near Building N2

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