History of WSC

Founded in 1985, the Welfare Services Club (WSC) is a non-academic constituent club in NTU which provides an umbrella of voluntary activities and social work to all students. Besides growing from strength to strength in membership, the WSC has also undergone incredible expansions in its activities to reach out to more service users every year. Currently, it runs 9 Regular Service Projects (RSPs) serving the Deaf, Elderly, Children of Low-income Families, Children with Chronic or Terminal Diseases, Intellectually Disabled, People with Mental Health Issues, Physically Challenged, Visually Handicapped and Youths-at-risk, which comprises volunteers engaging these service users weekly at various locations.

WSC also runs 5 Special Projects and 4 Supporting Committees. The Special Projects include Camp OutReach, Challenge ur Limits, Ignite Change, Overseas Volunteering Expedition and Volunteer Movement and they provide additional support to service users both locally and overseas. The Supporting Committees include Finance, Growth & Opportunities!, Internal Relations and Publicity and Publications and they provide operational support to WSC. Volunteers engaged in Special Projects and Supporting Committees gain invaluable skills in entrepreneurship, events management, planning, coordination and many more.

Our Timeline

  • (SC) PnP

    Image of PnP* LogoPublicity and Publication (PNP) publicise the Club’s activities through the boundless realm of the internet and provide technical support in the field of media productions.

    (RSP) ID

    Image of ID LogoIntellectually Disabled (ID) aims to impart useful social skills and proper ethics to our beneficiaries with intellectual disability by organising enriching programmes and outings to develop their potential to the fullest.

  • (SC) Finance

    Image of Finance* Logo Finance Committee (FINCOMM) are responsible for the formulation of budgets, setting standards of reimbursement and preparation of financial statements that reflect a true and fair view.

  • (RSP) DC

    Image of DC LogoDeaf Community (DC) embrace volunteerism as a life-long experience with a focus on helping the Deaf realise their potential

  • (RSP) Elders

    Image of Elders Logo Elders Community seeks to engage the elderly in our society by being a constant source of care and companion for them on a long-term basis.

  • (SP) COR & VM

    Image of COR LogoCamp OutReach (COR) aims to assist the Deaf connect with the rest of the hearing world through events and classes.

    Image of VM LogoVolunteer Movement (VM) aims to spread the spirit of volunteerism among students of NTU.

  • (RSP) Youth

    Image of Youth LogoYouth Community collaborates closely with the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) to inspire troubled teenagers to be a better person.

  • (SP) CurL

    Image of CurL LogoChallenge ur Limits (CurL) create opportunities for beneficiaries and volunteers to interact and participate in exciting activities which will challenge both their mental and physical limits.

    (RSP) VH & FoC

    Image of VH LogoVisually Handicapped (VH) providing befriending and tuition services to Visually Handicapped beneficiaries from all walks of life.

    Image of FoC LogoFriends of Children (FoC) provides weekly mentoring sessions and life skills sessions for children (4 to 17 years old) from lower income families.

  • (SP) OVE

    Image of OVE LogoOverseas Volunteering Expedition (OVE) aims to provide individuals with the passion for volunteering a platform that establishes an opportunity to benefit less-privileged communities beyond geographical boundaries.

  • (SP) IGC

    Image of IGC LogoIgnite Change (IGC) is an exciting freshmen orientation camp held yearly that aims to foster bonds amongst the participants, as well as igniting the spirit of volunteerism within potential volunteers.

  • (SC) GO

    Image of GO! LogoGrowth & Opportunities (GO) organizing annual events for the entire NTU WSC and seeking sponsorship to support our volunteering activities.

    (RSP) PC

    Image of PC LogoPhysically Challenged (PC) bridge the existing gap between the society and the community of the physically challenged, allowing them to be A PART of the society and not APART from the society.

  • (RSP) OH

    Image of OH LogoOperation Hope (OH) reach out and connect to children and youths suffering from chronic and life-threatening diseases, as well as raise awareness on the plight of these beneficiaries.

  • (SC) IR

    Image of IR LogoInternal Relations (IR) organise large scale charity and bonding events for the entire Welfare Services Club.

  • (RSP) MH

    Image of MH LogoMental Health (MH) aims to create greater awareness of our beneficiaries and to help students understand them better.

Awards & Achievements
  • 2018 - Nanyang Technological University CoLab4Good Award for Service to Society - Recipient (Special Project Challenge ur Limits)
  • 2017 - Nanyang Technological University CoLab4Good Award for Service to Society - Recipient (Supporting Committee Internal Relations)
  • 2008 - The President’s Social Service Award (Informal Category) – Winner
  • 2006 - The Singapore Youth Award (Medal of Commendation) - Recipient.
  • 2004 - The Commonwealth Youth Gold Award - Recipient
  • 1999 - Singapore Youth Award - Community and Youth Services (Team) – Winner

Media featuring WSC

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