What do we do?

Adventure Sports!

If you are looking to do anything from kayaking expeditions to a good paintball fight… or just some all rounded fun. Adsports is here for you!

Adsports is a fun loving committee that organises adventure sports events that brings the entire ODAC family together. These events are held throughout the year and include activities such as paintball and mountain biking.

Additionally, Adsports also organises an annual kayaking expedition to Malaysia known as Paddles Up.

the events we have planned

Paddles Up

An annual overseas kayaking expedition planned and hosted by AdSports that will be opened to the public. 

Archery Tag

What’s more fun than archery and the game of tag? You guessed it. ARCHERY TAG.

Night Cycling

Take a scenic relaxing cycle around Singapore


The best time to take revenge on your friends


Soccer with a twist! 

It's always a fun time at adsports

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